Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bookmark tutorial

I needed a quick gift for a friend, and this project helps use up the scraps.

I grabbed my supplies:

  • 12 inch by 2.5 inch strip of fabric

  • 12 inch by 2.5 inch strip of 'Wonder Under' (fusible)

  • a scrap of Peltex (or Timtex, what ever that really stiff-stuff is called) - my scrap is about 2 inch wide by 5.5 inch long triangle

  • pretty threads and beads.

  • a sewing machine is handy, but you could do this all by hand if you wanted to

Fuse the Wonder Under to the back of the fabric, then cut in half, making two strips 6 by 2.5 inches.

Take one fused piece of fabric peel the paper off the fusible and fuse on to the stiff-stuff, I use a scrap of the paper from the wonder under to protect my ironing surface. Please pay attention you don't want to ruin the ironing board or iron (of course you can clean your iron - ask me about this I know well!). Make sure to let it cool!! Then peel it off.

Trim the fabric up to the edge, very close but not cutting the stiff-stuff.

Take the other piece of fabric and peel off the paper, then go back to the iron and fuse this to the other side of the stiff-stuff. This way both sides are covered with fused fabric. Remember to use a scrap sheet of the fuse paper or a teflon iron sheet. You don't want to ruin your ironing surface. Then trim the fabric away again very close to the stiff-stuff.

You end up with a fabric covered bookmark ready to embellish.

Now take care of the edges by using a satin stitch and some pretty thread. If this was done by hand a pretty yarn could be hand sewn in a blanket stitch down the sides.

These are some extras that can be used to help with fraying and the fabric pens are great to cover any tiny spots you might have missed with thread.

Add beads and its done. You can make these in any shape you like.

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