Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Comfy Slippers part one

I am attempting to make some slippers for DH for Christmas.
These are his old favorites that were tosssed out (or so he thought).
I took one apart and labled each piece noting how the slipper was sewn together. Then traced out my pattern pieces. Now here's the problem - how do you get the comfy sole and soft cusioning, I tried batting but it was not enough.

I found these insoles at the local Walgreens and at $2.79 a pair, they are gonna fit the shoe (so to speak). I plan on using batting and the insoles. A plus they are washable insoles, way to cool.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WHAT? how many days till Christmas.............

I had no idea, it's coming way to fast!!!!

I have two more pairs of boxers done (will post pixs tomorrow) and now I am working on slippers. Also with DH away on business I can sew them and have son try them on for size and he won't know. I found an easy & cool way to make them comfy - more on that tomorrow too. Also I have been asked to make a purse for a gift and that's calling it realy close!! But I love staying busy.

I know a lot of you have Christmas all wrapped up (or at least some of you) I am no where close, but I work better under pressure.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am a big let down

I am, I have been invited to go with a dear friend to a party Saturday (a really posh one at that) and I had to back out at the last minute. I feel like a real heel!!! My DH is going out of town on work and that means I have to be around the house 'cause my son is having friends over (and there is no way I am leaving a bunch of teenagers alone). blah blah mumble heel I am mumble.....

So as to not let blogger down, I am posting an update on Christmas sewing. I finished a robe for my husband (for the picture I have the robe on my body double, my shoulders are not as broad as DH)

Can you tell DH is a Washington fan? By the way - friends and family if your reading this don't tell him. It's Simplicity 3969 , very quick and easy!! I wrote a review at pattern review . I made it in fleece and used the serger (mostly) and for the trim on the front edges I zig-zaged over acrylic yarn.

This is the special order I did the other day, beautiful rainbow in fat quarters.

All dressed up and ready to go to its new home. I guess I will go and look at the fabrics in the stash, that always cheers me up.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Handbag project put on the back-burner

Well, the 'Share the Love' tote is now moved farther on the WIP list. I have been slow on getting all the Christmas sewing done. I have started another pair of shorts for DH, but haven't found the right fabric for son's next pair. The slippers have even been started yet, I am still trying out different things to make the sole comfy (if you have any great ideas let me know). I did get some fabric dyed for a special order - beautiful color wheel of fat quarters. They are in the wash now and I'll post pics tomorrow. The tuff part in all this is I dislocated my knee, but all is well and I am healing fine. So - I limp around, but sitting at the sewing machine ain't so bad after all.

Here's one of my partners in crime. Tessa was resting while I was hand sewing today and I just had to share this picture.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Serging Fun with Margaret Tully

Saturday I (and many others) got to spend the afternoon with Margaret Tully and learn a bunch of quick Christmas ideas for the serger. She has a wealth of sewing information and a hoot too!
We had so much fun!!
I know - get a group of sewers together and who couldn't have FUN!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Call it my Red/orange phase

I call this my red-orange phase, because I crave the color orange and mostly red-orange. I use to hate orange, could not stand it- but all that has changed.

I can't seem to get enough, I even colored my hair auburn, to the surprise of my family. But then again - if you know me I love playing with color and that even goes as far as my hair. (odd pic but it's hard to take a picture of the back of your head)

I saw a dress at a local thrift shop and fell in LOVE with the colors!! It was a plaid in red-orange, orange, deep green and fuchsia. What a combo, just loved it, but it did not fit. Soooo.....

I used the plaid design and colors to inspire me to dye two pieces of cotton, in hopes of making a Fab'O handbag. I know it doesn't look like much now but just you wait.

Christmas sewing continued

The shorts are done, very quick and easy gift!! My DH's shorts are sewn with no alterations, but my son's I added 4 inches to the length. Due to the fact that he "will not show his knees EVER" that's a quote (it's a weird stage, those teen-age years). I even put cute satin name tags in them. If your in a pinch for a gift - sew up some cute sleep shorts, you can do it in an afternoon.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Sewing

I have started sewing my gifts. Like many other bloggers I am not buying premade things this year, but trying to make gifts that are special. So the first WIPs (work in progress) are shorts from McCall's OP 2568 .

I have had this pattern since 2000, when I made my DH some shorts (sleep/lounge shorts). Those have since worn out and now I have been told more are needed.

I found this COOL fabric at my favorite little quilt shop here in town. It's called "Madame Butterfly" in the Opulance series by Paula Nadelstern. This pair of shorts will be for DH.

And this flaming colorful fabric from the Headgear series by Fabri-Quilt will be for my son. Saying all this my DH and DS don't read my blog, so I should be ok.

I have to be honest, I really wish I was sewing the 'Share the Love' ruffle bag- the fabric turned out very nice.

And I found a cute rose & vine print in my stash for the lining. I did get the 32 ruffles cut out, yep 32. See there are 8 on each side = 16 ruffles total. I am using the self fabric as the facing so that makes 32 curved pieces. If I was using suede or leather I wouldn't need all this, just 16 ruffles. Any-who this looks like its going to be very funky!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fab free purse pattern

If you don't already know, you need to check out the free purse pattern from Hot Patterns

It's way to lovely to pass up!!

I am very excited and ready to make one up for the holidays, in a soooooo HOT red fabric.

The fabric in the dye is sittin' in the sun as I type and by tomorrow I will have a beautiful piece of fabric to start on my new fab bag!!

Hmmmmm, what should I line the bag with? I am off to find something fun for the inside.
Happy sewing!!

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