Saturday, May 30, 2009

Easily Distracted

I am so easily distracted from one project to another, and usually a new one at that. I have the Burda sundress traced out but got totally distracted by the Burda 7656 capri pattern. Burda's description:
These chic trousers/pants have a shaped waistband and squared pockets. Version A comes in 7/8-length with a broad, buttoned hem. Version B is plain, reaching just below the knee like classic capris. Both versions will be well teamed with sandals or ballerina shoes this summer. Recommended fabric: Gabardine, poplin, flannel, also stretch fabrics.

I like view 'B', I have traced a size 46 and sewn up a test in muslin. It fit a little snug in the waist and the waist is low cut - for me a short waisted and short in the rise gal with a bit of a bum this fits me well, the front pockets are placed great with no gaping, but the back pockets are large and placed to low for my bum - an easy fix, and the length is a little short - also very easy fix. So next is a wearable muslin made with a lightweight denim in my stash.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Memories of the People Who Make You.......

So they say time is fleeting, well heck yes it is!
The funny things - as you get older you remember the small simple things that made you who you are. My Grandparents, both sets were so different and both sets of Grandparents did so much to make me the person I am today. I have to believe that with out all of them I would not be living today. I was a wild one in my youth. I was a rebellious teenager, full of hate for the world and the feeling of invincibility. (why I became that way is a story for another time )

But before I became that rebel of a girl, I spent many summers visiting with my Grandparents in Alabama. At that time you could say I was a sweet little girl. My Grandfather was a simple sweet gentle man, full of the love of God. Most would say he was a dedicated, honest, hard working man. He was my granddaddy! I love visiting my Grandparents, and loved helping Grandfather outside. When I visit their old home I just love the shed, it looks scary but I know it is filled with love - the love my Grandfather had for his garden. My Grandparents grew most if not all of their vegetables. How delicious the corn, peas, butter beans, oooh and the tomatoes. I miss Grandmother standing in the small kitchen, watching her peel the tomatos for dinner. She would peel it with an old silver pairing knife and then slice thick slices for us all. There will never be a tomato as sweet as those!!

I love my Grandmother's voice, she would sing while doing dishes in the kitchen - it was a pleasure for her to clean up the dishes after she filled all our stomachs with her wonderful southern home cooking. She would let me help her and smile down at me, and I feeling proud to be a big girl. After dinner we would sit on the porch swing and listen to the crickets. That swing has shared love with so many family and friends over the years.

And when it was time to go to bed, Granddaddy would lay with us children under the big black fan in the back room and read stories to us. I remember he loved to read to us children, and my favorite story was 'Are You My Mother' by Dr Seuss. This man quiet and shy, could read a simple story and put so much love and life into it. He loved the whole world, without question. Both Grandmother and Granddaddy, love without bounds, without ultimatums without conditions. Their life lessons and love saved me!!
Thank you both for being their for me, for loving me and for showing me how to give love unconditionally!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Close Encounters......

I met these nice fellows while out in the back yard this evening with the dogs. They were just hanging out on the fence. Really nice fellows, they didn't say much but very cheery guys!
I wonder what planet they come from.......

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Burda 5/2009 131 and 132 - Part 1

The May issue of Burda World of Fashion has loads of pretty summer dresses. One that caught my eye, is 131 and 132 which are really the same pattern - just one is knee length and the other is a maxi dress, made longer by adding a tier to the skirt . The V-neck will help draw the eye up and the empire waist camouflages a thick waist and large hips (all of which I have).
It's a pity they are not using a true plus size model for the photos. In the photo for 131 you can't tell anything about the dress other than the cool print fabric used. The photo of 132 shows the empire waist and a little of the V-neck. I looove the fabric used for 132. If you go to the burda website they have these pictures for a limited time here: 131 and 132
Burda's descriptions
131 - As hot as a summer night! The African-style ethnic print attracts attention as do the adjustable empire line and imitation leather straps on the shoulders.
132 - This slightly flaring full-length dress achieves maximum effect. The airy printed crêpe chiffon swirls around your figure while the adjustable empire seam accentuates a deep neckline.
The straps are sewn on the top after it has been constructed, and the dress is fully lined which you could skip lining the skirt if you wanted. With the side zipper and drawstring empire waist it looks oh so comfy! 131 is made with leather or faux leather straps, and the straps are wide enough to hide the bra straps. (yes I am weird, I absolutely hate to see a bra peeking though or any sign of undergarments, call me old fashioned) I have traced the pattern for 131, and need to do up a test, but I am still looking for some fabric (going fabric shopping on payday) to use for the finished dress. Living in Florida I see the need for a few of these dresses for hot summer days.
When looking at the line drawings they look kinda 'blah', but with the right fabric choice these could be 'WOW' dresses for summer and throw on a cardigan and boots you could get into fall, and if your adventurous wear a turtle neck under with a blazer in the winter.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Banana Pudding (sugar free)

I did not get to visit my family for mother's day so I did the comfort food cookin' .

Banana Pudding (sugar free, but you will never know!)

Very easy!!!

I used

2 pks- dream whip made per the directions (1 cup milk for 2 packs & vanilla extract, whipped till stiff peaks form), then chilled while mixing the pudding.

2 lg boxes of sugar free vanilla pudding

5 cups of milk, I used 2%

2 cups sour cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 boxes of Sugar Free Vanilla Wafers

5 bananas

Mix the 5 cups of milk, 2 cups of sour cream and 1 tsp vanilla extract with the 2 packs of vanilla pudding mixing on low untill blended well. Fold in half of the Dream whip (pre made as stated above).

Now its time to start layering. Vanilla Wafers, pudding, the bananas, and so on until you have used all of the pudding. Then top the whole thing with the other half of the Dream Whip and crushed vanilla wafers.


PS: I love you & Happy Mother's Day Grandmother, Mom, and Aunt Wanda - we will be coming to visit very soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fat Rant Video

You have got to see this video!!! Joy Nash - you just sent me a wake up call!!!

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