Monday, April 26, 2010


The sands of time are running low
And soon my children I must go
My heart with love for you is filled
But soon its beating must be stilled

I leave no treasures of any kind
Only my love I leave behind
Take it and share it between sister and brother
And always be kind to one another

Weep not beside the grave for me
Don't bring me flowers I cannot see
Only ashes lie neath the cold sod
Just pray that my soul has gone with God

Some of you perhaps may weep
When my eyes are closed in eternal sleep
But try to remember it won't be forever
For God can bring our spirits together

I pray that I go to a world far above
To be with the others that I love
And to wait awhile on that Heavenly plain
Until the day we shall meet again.

poem written by Florence McInnes

My grandmother passed away Sunday morning.
She truly was an angel on earth and in heaven!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lingerie Ad Up-Roar!!

I am a little upset! Fox and ABC didn't want to air a lingerie comercial by Lane Bryant - Cacique, because they considered it to be to sexy?!?! Wait a minute if we can see Victoria's Secret comercials with almost naked ultra thin women, what is so different with plus sized models? Is it just another one of those quiet little things that society/media does to us women. It all boils down to the pressure of society/media on women and how we are not good enough/worthy/beautiful unless we are super thin and look a certian way! I have been fighting with body love issues forever so this really hit me in a soft spot. Is it  prejudice? Do people have a prejudice towards heavery persons? We see it in a multitude of ways - heck I can admit for years of weight prejudice!! When I was thin or fighting to be thin I would see someone heaver than me and think - 'I don't ever want to be that heavy' 'how disgusting it must be to be that size', 'they can't possibly be happy like that'. Just watch tv and you are bombarded with ads for weight loss and how to get ripped in 90 days. We are a country that is fighting our weight! The average size of an America woman is 14. Now come on, those ultra thin models are no where close to a 14. So is it a weight prejudice issue? Or is it that a woman with a bit more 'meat' on her bones is actually sexier? I do believe that a woman needs curves but also needs to be healthy. Women should have differences in body shape and size. Society/Media needs to focus more on the beauty of our uniqueness, the fact that we are beautiful and sexy in our own way. Whether this was a true act of discrimination or a slight ploy of publicity on Lane Bryant's side it still stirred up a lot of talk. And this kind of talk is what we need to help change the pressure on woman and girls in America and how we view ourselves!!!  What do you think?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wardrobe Therapy Week 1 The Tasks

Being so late to start  Wardrobe Therapy I am going to have to fly through the weeks to catch up but still want to get the full effect of the process- it's already on week 4 of the 8 weeks.

So to finish off week 1:

1. Remove one (and only one!) unsuccessful item from your wardrobe.
Bought this jacket years ago with the intention of wearing it with jeans turtle-neck and boots in the winter and a tank in the slightly cooler months. I liked the wool patchwork but it has no shape!! Nada zip none - it's an 80's boxy oversized jacket and to boot the sleeves are way too short - I know can you believe it?!?! Why have I held onto this for all these years, this is another question for my psyche....
2.Do the opening questionnaire.

3. Find yourself some sources of inspiration on personal style.
I use to subcribe to Lucky and In Style but started not liking all the ads and it seemed to me that there was really only a fraction of fashion advice and most of it for 20 somethings that are starving to death! I felt it was time to admit - yes, I gained a few pounds and gained a few years - not easy for one to admit to on both accounts!! So at 40 pounds heavier and 40'something years of age I canceled my subscriptions. It just seems there is not enough out there for the over 40 group!! I do like recieving catalogs from Boden, Lane Bryant and other online sites. But mostly I use the internet and bloggers for fashion ideas and tips.

4. Do something that makes you feel good about your body.
Ped/Mani done by me and using some bright colors are in order!
Ripley is checking out my toes painted with OPI in On Collins Ave. Oh and I even color the grays (hair), so there week one done.

I am off to cook up a storm in the kitchen - crawfish etouffee.............

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wardrobe Therapy's Questionnaire

Better late than never - right? Getting started on the Wardrobe Therapy hosted by DrWende . It's already on week 4 but I will try and catch up but may still fall behind - with life in general it seems with me. I really need a proverbial kick in the wardrobe tushie! Ok, here are my answers to the questionnaire...

1. Thinking primarily (but not necessarily exclusively) about looks, who's your favorite performer of your own gender and species? Why?
I can’t pick just one, as I don’t think I would want to be all ‘that’ type of look. But a combination of a few, that’s more like the style I would like to meld into my own quirky attitude.
Audrey Hepburn for her feminine elegance, classic style with simplicity.
Stevie Nicks’ dramatic gypsy like frocks and she oozes with sexy.
Giadia De Laurentiis has a relaxed fresh classic yet modern-ness about her.
(Good movies, good music, and good food!!)

2. If you could live in any historic era with a really good clothing budget (as well as soap, toothpaste, and delicing as needed), when would you choose?
Well, I love the look of the Victorian era dresses and bustle skirts, but just the thought of wearing a tight corset makes me cringe. I also love the early 1900’s, and the ‘Gibson Girl’ hairstyle. I guess it’s the feminine qualities for those two historic eras I like the most. But in all reality I would choose now - as we have the freedom to wear what ever we like, unlike the past where women could not have worn pants if they pleased.

3. What's your favorite painting or other form of visual art? Why?

Red Poppy by Georgia O’keefe – When we lived in Italy every summer wild red poppies could be seen everywhere. I loved living in Italy and red poppies always remind me of that time.
Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh – how could a torchered soul paint such a hypnotizing painting. Even though he was so emotionally crippled the painting speaks to so many and in so many different ways.

4. What is your first memory in which clothes are important?
In school and how most of the other kids had name brands and I didn’t. Thinking back now it’s so silly – you can’t base your self worth on brands and fads. Oh, and my brothers were twins, mom always dressed them in matching but different colored shirts as in striped polos one would wear the white/blue and the other would wear white/green - you know how parents always dress twins.

5. What is your favorite garment ever? Why?

The dress I got married in. We didn’t have a traditional wedding, we got married at the courthouse with a friend as a witness. A cream white spaghetti strap sheath dress and cropped jacket with a lace collar that I purchased on sale just a few days before. I was so scared, this was a life changing moment and I almost did not go through with it, but now looking back I am so glad I wore that dress and made the choice to marry my husband!

Oh second fav is the red, black and white cowgirl outfit I got for Christmas in my much much younger years. It was fringetastic! It had a hat, shirt, skirt, boots and guns with gun holster. I made a mighty fine cowgirl!!!

6. What is your favorite garment in your wardrobe right now?
Does it have to be clothes? I have a great pair of orange cork wedges I am gushing over right now. Ok, I’ll fess up – clothing wise there really is not anything I would call my favorite, maybe that’s why my wardrobe is lacking some style.

7. What is the worst clothing purchase you can remember making?
Again with the shoes - Back in the 80’s a pair of clear plastic heels with gold trim – what a fad purchase! Also in the 80’s an ankle length gray twill sailor skirt it had ginormous white buttons, it was totally not me and was so unflattering. I tried to make it wearable by shortening the hem to at the knee, but it was a failure.

8. What's your most embarrassing clothing-related memory other than a bad purchase?
In high school while hanging out at the mall with on friends trying to look cool in my new white jeans I received my monthly gift (if you know what I mean). Luckily I had a good friend with me and she loaned me her jacket and we called my mom to come pick us up. I tied the arms of the jacket around my waist and was petrified someone would notice while waiting to get home as soon as possible. Utter humiliation I tell ya!!!

9. What body part (no more than three!) are you proud of and expect compliments on?
Oh, well I have to pick?? Come on really I have to?? Can I say finger nails? I can grow them fast and keep them groomed. Not a good one huh?! My legs. When I was younger and thinner I would wear mini skirts and shorts. I am not so proud now as back then and not as thin anymore, I am always on the look out for jeans in the right length. I have always been told I have pretty eyes, but I just don't know about that. Yep, it's sad - I really am just putting down answers that do not answer the actual question. I have to say I don't have a body part I am proud of and this also is part of my self esteem issues.

10. What body part (again, no more than three!) seems to require management, if not coaxing, cajoling, and sometimes outright begging if it's to please you?
I could say back fat, large hips, big thighs, ample derriere and large feet - but who doesn't cut themselves down in those areas?  The most offending area is my belly. I have always had a belly even when I was stick thin. But lately I have to make sure things do not cling in that area.

11. If you could dress however you wanted all the time, what might you include?
Classic styles and solid colors adding a quirky element. I love lots of pearls with jeans and a v-neck tee. Sometimes adding bright colored shoes or artistic print top with relaxed but structured skirts. And most importantly comfortable!!

12. If you could shop at any store (or from any designer), which would you choose?
Ann Kline, Rebecca Taylor, Antonio Melani, Vera Wang. But really I don't know if I would change where I already shop, more so than making the right decisions for my body and personality. Then again if I felt more confident I might venture into some of the little indy shops in the area.

13. Where do you ordinarily shop now?
JcPenneys, Dillards sales, Avenue, Walmart (yuck) and Ross. Sometimes you can catch me at the thrift stores.

14. What clothing, accessory, or prettifying need (if any) do you enjoy shopping for?
Shoes, love love love shopping for shoes! Nail polish too! I am a girly girl and love shopping for jewelry, looking at makeup and shopping at Ulta.

15. Which one do you most loathe shopping for?
Bras!!! I need some but just can’t seem to find a brand that is comfortable and supportive. Also bathing suits, but this year I found a lovely swimdress that makes me feel pretty.

16. Do you consider yourself low-, medium-, or high-maintenance?
At one time I was high maintenance, but after being a mom and full time work I now am more of low/medium-maintenance. When my husband and I were dating it would take me forever to get ready, but now I can be ready in less than 30 minutes. I have kind-of let myself go, and think that this is also affecting how I feel about myself.

17. What are the two most frequent occasions that you dress for and how would you describe them?
Working weekdays in a small office, where the dress code is business casual and Fridays are jeans day. At work I am behind a desk most of the time and constantly staring at the computer screen.  Relaxing at home on weekends and trips to the beach, which I usually wear shorts/jeans and comfy tops. I live in Florida so the heat is something I deal with constantly.

18. What was your favorite Hallowe'en costume ever?
One year I dressed up as a deer hunter. (oh, I wish I could find a picture to show!) I piled on turtle necks and camo pants with an orange vest, hiking boots, hid my hair in a hunting cap, used black eye makeup to make a 5 o’clock shadow, carrying a toy wooden shotgun and a large toy stuffed deer. No one knew who I was! It was so funny!

19. What do you see as the current problem(s) with your wardrobe and/or look?
I always grab items that make me feel sloppy and invisible. I have some issues with my self-esteem I need to work on. For some reason I am afraid to show who I am and put myself out there in my choices of what I wear.

20. At the end of WT, what lovely compliments do you want onlookers to give you?

Not necessarily do I need compliments, but it would be nice to know that others around me think I am ‘put together’, style/fashion appropriate, and pleasant to look at so to speak. But it wouldn’t kill me if someone did compliment me on my quirkiness. Oh and the hair, I forever long to have ‘envy hair! but darn I don't think changing my wardrobe is gonna' help the crazy-mind-of-its-own hair?

Boy that was hard - my head hurts now.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Biggest Problem with My Wardrobe/Style Redo...

Is me. Yep me!

I think I know what to do fashion wise and I try and stock my closet with the 'right' things, but I always fall back on the items that do nothing for my body, say the wrong things about me and in no way help with my self esteem.

Ok, I went two weeks ago and purchased a couple cute dresses, a printed tee and short sleeved cardigan just to spice up my wardrobe. They fit are comfortable and look great - but I have not worn any of them not a one! I got up this morning and grabbed the same pair of way to short and baggy jeans that I wear at least twice a week, the faded company polo (which is for the casual office days not mandatory) and my sadly falling apart white keds. This outfit is pitiful, it does not convey the message of who I am, it makes me feel sloppy, almost invisible. So why do I keep pulling these out and wearing them?

This is a question that I need to dig deeper into my psyche to find. What are the reasons why I would want to dissapear or why I don't want people to know who I really am...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Have I done any sewing...

ahh, no I am pretty lame huh?

Lately I have been all about changing my image to reflect me. Ya know, the real me!
I have been reading posts to help get a sense of my self and style -false self image - Already Pretty,  middle age - Middle Ageless, wardrobe therapy -  The Sky is Bigger There , choosing your colors Inside Out Style,  formula for easy dressing Of a Certian Age and define your personnal style (I know kinda silly, but not to bad of a short read). There are books and books and books on these subjects, but I knew my blogger friends would have wonderful posts to help me out. If you dig a little on the blogs you will find even more wonderful advice. I am a little late but I am getting started on my wardrobe therapy Questionnaire and Research tonight. Got any good reading on creating personnal style?

A fun little quiz 'What Style of Clothes Are You?'
I am....

find your inner clothing style @

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blogger Greatness: Already Pretty!!

Sal is one awesome person!! She is fashion savvy, courageous, honest, and inspiring!! Please read her post 'Tenets-of-Self-Care', and if you didn't feel good about yourself you will!!

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