Singer Featherweight 221: Care and Repair References

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After I adopted my Featherweight Florence I started collecting as much information as I could. Not only did I want to know the basic maintenance but I also wanted to be able to do minor repairs if needed.

If you own or want to own a Singer Featherweight 221 or 222 I highly recommend going to The Featherweight 221 Factory and download the manuals (listed on the left side of the website).

The Owners Manual is a copy of the original manual that would have come with the machine when purchased new. It shows the basic functions of the machine and how to use the attachments.

The Adjusters Manual and Service Manual were used by sewing machine repairmen and show the steps to many of the minor repairs needed. These manuals have trouble shooting info and a few wiring diagrams.

The Parts List has pictures and part numbers for accessories that would have come with the machine when originally purchased along with exploded parts diagrams for the inner workings of your machine.

If you want to print these out and put them in a 3-ring binder for future reference like I did, I suggest that you  make sure to check the 'Fit to page' option in your printers dialog window when printing. This way the images are the size of the paper you are printing on otherwise some of the manuals may print smaller in size.

Next go and join the Yahoo Featherweight group and spend a few hours looking through the posts and there you can ask questions and learn from other owners of these lovely machines.


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