Thursday, May 22, 2008

Seeing Stars!!!

I have been seeing stars lately, and they look beautiful......................
Check out Marcia's original stars:

Cathy's Star
Marcia at Quilters Cache has doing wonders for quilters. Showing us 'how to's' and fun blocks, speading quilting information and just general great fun. You really need to head over to Quilters Cache and check it out if you haven't already!!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


In our journey in this world we feel happiness, pain, hate, anger and love. But there is no love greater than the love of a mother!!!! Thank you for bringing me into this world and teaching me unconditional love!! I love you - Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

Quilting 101 - Pinning Tips Part One

Pinning Units Without Points or Angled Seams

When joining seamed pieces without points or angled seams (Diagram 1), butt opposing seams together and pin at an angle to secure. (Diagram 2 - Right Handed -- Diagram 2 - Left Handed) VERY IMPORTANT... take at least one stitche past the seam line before removing the pin. This will insure that the seams do not separate as you sew over them. If you have pinned as shown in the diagram, there will be room for one or two stitches before having to remove the pin.

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