Thursday, April 25, 2013

To Boston with Love - Block Pattern

There are no words to describe what tragic events have unfolded in Boston. Our quilting community wants to send love and hope to the people of Boston and The Vancouver MQG initiated a project to do just that - To Boston With Love.

Our local guild Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild is also participating, I wanted to draft a block to share that said 'Love', 'Hope' and 'Strength'; also I wanted to combine the American spirit in some way.

Heart for Boston is a 5x5 inch paper pieced block

The pattern is here Heart for Boston, designed on 8.5" by 11" paper - when printing make sure to uncheck the 'fit to page' box. (this is a PDF file that you may use - but not for profit)
I also ask if you share please be courteous and link back to this post, thanks!

For more information on paper piecing see this tutorial by Fresh Lemons

with boarders added to make 6"x 8" for the banner

So grab your scraps and have fun and share the love!!!

If you make a heart block please show it off on the LaBellaColori flickr group, I would love to see them.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Swoon-y Floor Pillow and Basket

Swoon like floor pillow
Swoon-y Floor Pillow
I finished the items for Modernista Homemade Swap, a floor pillow cover and basket. My partner requested  a floor pillow in navy and dark browns, which I didn't have much of in my stash. So this was an excuse to shop, but the ideas just were not coming and I had a hard time wrapping my brain around the color scheme. Then I saw Kirsten's 'Love of Solids' pillow she made for a swap - is it not amazing!!
Check out her blog Gemini Stitches, she is sooooo talanted!!!

Swoon like quilt block floor pillow
Swoon-y Floor Pillow another pic

I started pulling what Kona solids I did have and added a few more to include the light turquoise blue, khaki and even a rich reddish brown ***need to add names of the kona colors***
swoon like quilt block gray scale draft
Draft in EQ7

I used Electric Quilt 7 and changed all the colored areas to gray - this way I could calculate the colored shapes and the background shapes without being influenced by the colors as I wanted a scrappy yet planned block. I love the whole design process and I have to admit that its my favorite part of quilting! Sometimes I purposely start from scratch and draft designs that may have already been created. I know - just a little bit weird I am. Now I know I could have purchased the pattern, and in no way do I want to offend the pattern designers out there and I am not selling or distributing this block in any way and will not do any tutorials on it either.

Back of Swoon-y Floor Pillow swoon like quilt block
Back of Swoon-y Floor Pillow
The back is done envelope style using two different fabrics. I love the navy text with the brown print.

fabric basket
Fabric Basket
For the basket I used Domestic Groove's "Basket Tutorial" and have to say her tutorial was well written and a breeze to sew! It's a great size, much larger than I expected. I will definitely be making more of these!!

swoon-y quilt block pillow swoon like and fabric basket
Glamour Shot of Swoon-y Pillow and Basket

The pillow cover size is 26 1/2", just the right size for the 27" pillow form (this way its a fluffy pillow) they sell at JoAnn's. I sure hope my partner likes it!!

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