Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring is here

Yep, spring is really here!!!
We planted broccoli and cauliflower.

Tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes (and some bell peppers too). In the background you can see my $10.00 composters. I picked up two $10.00 garbage cans at the home store and drilled large holes in the sides, and cut off the bottom. It's great you fill it up with stuff and once a week lift it up turn and put back in can. I will have some great compost and save the landfills too.

Pole beans in a cute little pot, strategically placed to create shade on the side of the house.

Carrots, leeks and zucchini...................................yum!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Braid Placemats Part: One

Well it all started with this disscusion at Block central on a strip pieced table runner. I found a pattern at Quilters Cache

It's so pretty and I thought that it would make great placemats.

I went to a quilt shop and picked up these 3 charm packs. I ended up with a lot of pretty 5 inch squares and in a lot of colors.
I figured that I could get 2 strips out of each square and save the scraps for other fun projects. My strips are 2 inches wide.
Here are a few of the strips before sewing.

After I sewed the strips together in the length I wanted I then took it to the rotary cutter.....

Trimming the ends first. I lined up the seams with the 45* mark on my ruler and cut away.

This is one trimmed end.

After trimming the ends, I then trimmed the top and bottom.

This is one braid that is 16" long by 5.5 " wide. I am going to use two per placemat.

A good tip; after trimming the ends save the scraps to start you next braid.
To be continued..................................
In the mean time check this out:
Check out Bonnie Hunter's cool braid ideas.
Here's another tutorial.
For anyone with EQ5 check out this great tutorial from Patti Anderson. I took a class with her once and she is a wonderful teacher.
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