Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Modern Maples, Part I

One of the members of our local quilt guild (ECMQG) threw out the idea of a quilt along using Larks Crafts Modern Maples back in April. 
Lark Crafts Modern Maples

The pattern was all over blogland and Instagram last year around November and even Kelly got in on the action and created a lovely quilt. But some of us didn't get a chance to join in until now :)

Our guild is doing a very (and I mean very) relaxed quilt along running from June to Sept. That way we have plenty of time to finish up before the holidays get here. I am excited to see what everyone comes up with.

Large Floral Prints

I decided to use large floral prints, which I know doesn't sound to modern but all the prints are newer and from designers like Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett. I wanted to do all Amy Butler but as it would seem I couldn't find enough in different colorways. The pattern calls for 18 different fat quarters, I am using some fat quarters some quarter yards. I have only 16 different prints which some I will use twice. There are two prints I am not to sure about but will go ahead sew up the blocks and audition them and make a decision to keep them or use them elsewhere.

boring line drawing

Last night was line drawing night - not the most exciting part but the good thing is next is sewing HST which I find quite relaxing.

I was goofing around on Instagram and found many lovely versions of the Modern Maples. I also learned about hashtags - yea I know am I showing my age?? I found a cute mini made by Darcy at Modern Cozy

Darcy's Mini Modern Maples

Is it not so sweet?!?! I'd say as sweet as maple syrup!! Now I must make a mini from my scraps!!! It's your fault Darcy  :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Rock'N Rocking Chair (and how I won!)

My husband and I could not agree on the fate of my rocking chair - he wanted to get rid of it, I did not. It was always in the way and no one ever used it. Here's the story...

Sanded and repaired

When I was pregnant with my son (many moons ago) I wasn't working and couldn't keep a job due to severe morning sickness like 24 hours a day seven days a week through out my whole pregnancy to the point I knew everyone at the hospital after the first month and even lost weight - and why do they call it 'Morning Sickness' if I were to name it - it would be '24/7 Puke Till You Tear Your Esophagus and Feel Like the Undead', SERIOUSLY!!!

Money was very tight, we couldn't afford new things. When trying to furnish the baby's room we used an old dresser I had as the changing table and purchased the crib at a second hand store but couldn't find a used rocking chair anywhere. We ended up putting this chair on layway at the local furniture store.

sad rocking chair

It was $75.00, so you can laugh now - but $75.00 was a lot of money back then (even sounds funny to me now too). I paid on it every week and the week before I was due it was paid off and I proudly brought it home.  I spent many nights rocking my little one to sleep, it was well used back then. When our son became a teen it was moved to the office where it was neglected and then spent a good amount of time in the garage where boxes were stacked on it. It had problems! When our dogs were puppies they used the rocker as a chew toy and damaged all four ends of the runners, some of the spindles were loose, one leg was cracked and it made a horrible creaking noise when you rocked in it.

My son was home from college for a few weeks and needed a project (he was bored) before going off to work an internship this summer - well what a great opportunity to have him repair and spruce up the rocking chair. And just maybe I could change my husband's thoughts on the fate of the old rocking chair.

The two of us went off to the hardware store and so began the paint drama (as my son would call it). I love color, really love color and choosing just one color can be quite hard for me.

I first thought - red like this chair...

Glossy Red Rocking Chair by Kim at Newly Woodwards

Then turquoise...

Turquoise Bed to Bench Makeover

Maybe yellow??

Bright Cheery Yellow Rocking Chair by Lou Lou and Oscar

Evan fixed all the problems and even cut and sanded away the chewed ends of the runners. They looked untouched by puppy teeth again! For painting we used tips from Centsational Girl, Brooke at All Thing Thrifty and Anyone Can Decorate (I just love the frame Diana does in the tutorial).

All primed up

I finally decided on a bright green, Tropical Foliage by Valspar. And I LOVE IT!!!

Bright green- so cheery!

It took 3 cans of gray primer and 3 cans of color, then antiquing glaze and 2 cans of clear gloss. Now it's an eye popping accent in our living room. My husband likes it! I won!!

Close up of the antique glaze on the arm
The glaze toned down the brightness but added a lot character.

Close up of antique glaze

I found the very colorful rug on amazon.com which ties it all together - now to make a pillow to sit in my ROCK'N chair :)
Finished :)

Question: If you were going to paint a rocking chair a ROCK'N color what color would you choose?

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