Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scrap Swap Challenge? - Accepted!

Every year on ECMQG anniversary we do a scrap challenge (here is the Dec Christmas challenge and last years anniversary challange pics). Everyone that wants to participate brings a quart size zip-lock baggie filled with scraps which are placed in brown paper bags and at the end of out meeting they are randomly drawn. You then talk to the owner of the scraps and find out what they would like to receive. Sometimes they have a particular need/want or as with my partner and dear friend Cindy, I was given freedom to create anything. We are allowed the use of only one other fabric and a binding.

Cindy's Scraps

I went home that afternoon and dumped the scraps on my bed sorting them, the scraps are lovely shades of orange, low volume, a cute gray tomato print and a larger strip of an aqua print.

The orange prints in my grandmothers old bowl.
Immediately I knew what I wanted to make, but I can't really say just yet because Cindy reads my blog. So I apologize I can't spill the beans on this one until the September meeting.

I am so excited and wish I could show you, but darn it I can't and that makes it even harder to stay quiet! 
I can show you some sneak peeks for now...

Teeny Tiny Piecing
Ignore the sad thumb nail, my hands have taken a beating lately. These pieces are very tiny, and at an awkward angle so I had to use lots of pins.

Pins, pins and more pins.

There are just tiny little scraps left of the original scraps.

Working on the low-volume scraps next, still not sure if what is in my head is translating into it yet but I can't share that with you either - sorry.

It's not finished and I have so much more to do, but it should be completed by the deadline and I'll post pictures after I give it to her.

Have you ever worked on something that excites you and you want to show it to everyone but can't?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Not So Modern Maples - A Finished Quilt

I finally finished binding my 'Not So Modern Maples', and for once I am ahead of schedule (ECMQG Quilt-A-long is due at the September meeting).

I took these pictures and was cropping them and though "how odd, something just doesn't look right" and a panic set over me - did I somehow mess up with the layout of the blocks?! See how the row in the middle goes all the way across, it's not suppose to be like that. How could I have messed up that bad?? I was freaking out...

Until I looked at the layout from the pattern and a saw it! I had photographed my version the wrong way - sideways duh!! 

If I rotate the photo it is now almost like the original pattern - except see those two bottom leaves? They are in the wrong position. Oh well you can't get it all perfect!!

A close up of the large meander quilting.

Pattern Modern Maples by Lark Crafts, finished size 59" by 70". The background is Kona 'Butter', leaf fabrics are by Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett and a few random fat quarters in florals. Quilting thread is Connecting Threads in 'Cream" which matches the Kona 'Butter' perfectly. The backing is by Heather Bailey 2009 Nicey Jane For Free Spirit in Lindy Leaf  in tangerine- cream, pink and gold. Binding is Hoffman Fabrics 'Balbo Blenders' in latte.

Now I have to wait for fall to cuddle up with my 'Not So Modern Maples' quilt.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sneak Peak: Drafting and Fabrics

We are back from camping and had a wonderful time at Fred Gannon - Rocky Bayou State Park. It's very beautiful and the bay is a great area for boating and outdoor activities.

It did rain a little bit but most of the time it was just plain hot!

Tessa and Ripley looking cute after a long walk on the trails.

Dachshunds are not known for their love of the water. We knew Tessa liked swimming and Ripley not so much. However while on a walk near the edge of the lake Friday Ripley walked right into the water and started swimming away. I had to pull her back by her leash - it was so funny!!!

Now back at work with the 'Not So Modern Maples' is still waiting to be bound, even though I rushed out to find the binding fabric. I plan (wishful thinking) on getting on that this weekend during some down time at home.

Even with work being so busy this week I did manage to hit the local quilt shop on my lunch hour today for some cute fabrics for the patterns I am drafting.

I could not resist the fox and dinosaur prints - which I plan on making mini art binders with and I finished the pattern draft. The dots are going to drawstring bags in the shape of fish all this for the ECMQG fundraiser this fall.

The draft of the fish bag is almost done, working on the measurements for all the pieces now. I am thinking bright fabrics and wooden beads on the drawstrings. Happy colorful fun fishy bags for children  :)

Hope your week is colorful and fun!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Sneak Peak: Binding Troubles

I have the Modern Maples quilt complete up to the point of binding, when again I have found myself out of the fabric I was going use for the binding. (I am notorious for this!!)

I used Kona 'Butter' for the background and was to use 'Eggplant', but at the last minute changed my mind. 'Eggplant' is a beautiful color and I do love it, but for this quilt - which has such busy dare I say -visually distracting prints- I felt the binding needed to disappear or not be a distraction. Something that could blend into the background and almost melt - like 'Butter' (sorry bad pun).

My dear mother-in-law searched high and low at a few stores for me on a trip recently for more Kona 'Butter', but everywhere she went they were out (is this going to be a popular color??).

So today on my lunch hour from work I visited the quilt shop not too far from the office and the lovely ladies helped me - don't you just love a shop that takes time to help you and listens to what you want instead of forcing something on you!! Well, we found the perfect fabric! It's hard to see in this photo but the fabric is 'Balboa Blenders' by Hoffman in the latte colorway. It is that type of fabric that just whispers, which is what this quilt needed.

I am also working on a block for the block lottery for the local quilt guild (ECMQG). I am using the pattern by Lynne at Lilly's Quilts called 'ET Phone Home'. I've made this block before for [3x6] bee on flickr. Our meeting is next Saturday, so I hope to get this finished next week along with binding the Modern Maples quilt.

Rainy Day Threads post on 'Palette Builder' is great! Created by Play Crafts, you have got to check it out!!!!
It takes your picture and references Kona colors - how amazing is that!  I took a picture I posted on instagram and created a color palette for a quilt in just minutes. Lots of fun to play around with.

The hubby and I are going camping with the 3 pups this weekend. I am in the midst of wrapping up things at work and then will be headed out for a relaxing quiet weekend. I doubt I will get any sewing done, but will take along some english-paper-piecing just in case it rains. Hopefully the rain will hold out and we will be out on our friends boat to enjoy some fun in the sun.

I hope your weekend is relaxing and fun too!!!
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