One Day I will...

  • Sew up a quilt for my husband who has been patiently waiting for 22 years for a quilt!!
Working on a draft that involves paper pieced owls
Pictures coming soon

1. Day Trip, 2. ScrappyTripAlong cushion, 3. Scrappy Trip Around the World, 4. #scrappytripalong almost there!, 5. Junkyard, 6. #scrappytripalong, 7. ScrappyTripAlong cushion, 8. Beauty Shot!, 9. Scrappy Trip Along Quilt

1. Swoon Block Nine, 2. Swoon Block, 3. Swooni-swoon!, 4. Swoon blocks done, 5. - Swoon Blocks, 6. Swoon Quilt Top, 7. Swoon Quilt Finished, 8. Swoon Quilt top, 9. Swoon in Mendocino

Refractatorium by Quiltjane

Test I made in EQ7


  1. I'm with you on the Scrappy Trip Along. Have my fabrics. Just have to finish (ha!) all of the others first.

    1. After seeing Kelly's gorgeous quilt I can't help but be inspired!


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