Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where have I been.... in the kitchen of course

It's not oatmeal and I haven't been cooking- What is that funky looking stuff? Well it's popcorn ceiling. We have a house full of this stuff and my DH, DS and I all agree its not very pretty. So we have started in the kitchen and removed it.
It is really very simple to get off the ceiling. Just wet and wait a few minutes then scrape away. It is a very messy job, but the end result is a beautiful look.
i found a lot of info on the web, check out Jason"s site.

Here is the end wall color, Sherwin Williams Optimistic Yellow - very cheery yellow. At some point we will be painting the cabinets.

A new fan in the kitchen will help in the summer when cooking and Florida temps get a bit uncomfortable.
I made the new curtains, using a fabric that has all the colors of my favorite Fiesta ware dishes.

This week we are removing the popcorn from the ceilings in the master suite. We are also painting the walls a lovely pear green color Sherwin Williams Hearts of Palm. And if that wasn't enough we are laying 12" tile in the master bath and walk in closet, then laying beautiful Indian Tigerwood Pergo in the master bedroom. If I don't blog much you'll know I am busy at it.
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