Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wardrobe Therapy Week 1 The Tasks

Being so late to start  Wardrobe Therapy I am going to have to fly through the weeks to catch up but still want to get the full effect of the process- it's already on week 4 of the 8 weeks.

So to finish off week 1:

1. Remove one (and only one!) unsuccessful item from your wardrobe.
Bought this jacket years ago with the intention of wearing it with jeans turtle-neck and boots in the winter and a tank in the slightly cooler months. I liked the wool patchwork but it has no shape!! Nada zip none - it's an 80's boxy oversized jacket and to boot the sleeves are way too short - I know can you believe it?!?! Why have I held onto this for all these years, this is another question for my psyche....
2.Do the opening questionnaire.

3. Find yourself some sources of inspiration on personal style.
I use to subcribe to Lucky and In Style but started not liking all the ads and it seemed to me that there was really only a fraction of fashion advice and most of it for 20 somethings that are starving to death! I felt it was time to admit - yes, I gained a few pounds and gained a few years - not easy for one to admit to on both accounts!! So at 40 pounds heavier and 40'something years of age I canceled my subscriptions. It just seems there is not enough out there for the over 40 group!! I do like recieving catalogs from Boden, Lane Bryant and other online sites. But mostly I use the internet and bloggers for fashion ideas and tips.

4. Do something that makes you feel good about your body.
Ped/Mani done by me and using some bright colors are in order!
Ripley is checking out my toes painted with OPI in On Collins Ave. Oh and I even color the grays (hair), so there week one done.

I am off to cook up a storm in the kitchen - crawfish etouffee.............

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  1. Oh yum to the last image.... I for one am glad that jacket went. Lol! I imagine you in floaty feminine things with lots of drape. I know what my discard item will be - a coat my sweetie bought me when we were dating (80s, HUGE shoulders). Love the toenails and the poochie...


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