Friday, April 23, 2010

Lingerie Ad Up-Roar!!

I am a little upset! Fox and ABC didn't want to air a lingerie comercial by Lane Bryant - Cacique, because they considered it to be to sexy?!?! Wait a minute if we can see Victoria's Secret comercials with almost naked ultra thin women, what is so different with plus sized models? Is it just another one of those quiet little things that society/media does to us women. It all boils down to the pressure of society/media on women and how we are not good enough/worthy/beautiful unless we are super thin and look a certian way! I have been fighting with body love issues forever so this really hit me in a soft spot. Is it  prejudice? Do people have a prejudice towards heavery persons? We see it in a multitude of ways - heck I can admit for years of weight prejudice!! When I was thin or fighting to be thin I would see someone heaver than me and think - 'I don't ever want to be that heavy' 'how disgusting it must be to be that size', 'they can't possibly be happy like that'. Just watch tv and you are bombarded with ads for weight loss and how to get ripped in 90 days. We are a country that is fighting our weight! The average size of an America woman is 14. Now come on, those ultra thin models are no where close to a 14. So is it a weight prejudice issue? Or is it that a woman with a bit more 'meat' on her bones is actually sexier? I do believe that a woman needs curves but also needs to be healthy. Women should have differences in body shape and size. Society/Media needs to focus more on the beauty of our uniqueness, the fact that we are beautiful and sexy in our own way. Whether this was a true act of discrimination or a slight ploy of publicity on Lane Bryant's side it still stirred up a lot of talk. And this kind of talk is what we need to help change the pressure on woman and girls in America and how we view ourselves!!!  What do you think?


  1. Here's what I think. I am a size 4 - 6 and used to model. Then I was told I was too fat (and old). When I see those VS models, I don't see attractive, sexy women. I see the starving-to-stay-in-shape girls that they really are (no matter what they say for the cameras). Also, a fake sort of pouty sexiness. I don't find them sexy as they are too model-ish and not like real women. Also, they have very long torsos, as I do, and this has NEVER looked good in a bikini/swimsuit or underwear. You need a shorter torso to look really good in swim or underwear. I think the public sees this for what it is. My husband doesn't find them sexy, although he apparently finds me so hahaha.

    Enter the Lane Bryant girl. She is STUNNING, SEXY and REAL. Phew! The reason this ad is not running is either because real women (and men) can relate to her, or because of the suggestion she is going out to flash her man. I doubt whether it is the latter. She makes me want to be larger and more "real." But I have *confession time* a mild eating disorder which I'd dearly love to blog about but am just shaking at the thought of admitting it. I am truly appalled that this commercial isn't running when the VS ones are. It's a frigging disgrace.

  2. I must confess I've made those comments in regard to a women's weight when I was slimmer and younger too. I'm ashamed,really. I agree with both you,and Rosina. Having the courage to be honest,and open helps so many women who struggle for that look and falling short to what is sociologically correct in the fashion industry. In their segment of enviroment it's how clothing appears , hang, and drapes on the model or should I say the human coat hanger. I don't think I've known any woman that is satisfied with her body whether thin,heavy,short or tall. It really could be helped by women consumers and Women like you,and Rosina who have spoken out, and I thank you so much. Perhaps, if we made it known as women that we are unwilling to support their business as usual or worse ignorance things will change. I say Brava! To Lane Bryant for whatever reason they did the advertisement it at least started a well needed conversation.
    Thank you again to all those phenomenal women bloggers for being as Rosina well put it...Being Real!


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