Monday, April 26, 2010


The sands of time are running low
And soon my children I must go
My heart with love for you is filled
But soon its beating must be stilled

I leave no treasures of any kind
Only my love I leave behind
Take it and share it between sister and brother
And always be kind to one another

Weep not beside the grave for me
Don't bring me flowers I cannot see
Only ashes lie neath the cold sod
Just pray that my soul has gone with God

Some of you perhaps may weep
When my eyes are closed in eternal sleep
But try to remember it won't be forever
For God can bring our spirits together

I pray that I go to a world far above
To be with the others that I love
And to wait awhile on that Heavenly plain
Until the day we shall meet again.

poem written by Florence McInnes

My grandmother passed away Sunday morning.
She truly was an angel on earth and in heaven!!


  1. My sincere sympathies to you and yours. May you be comforted with the sweet spirit of God's healing.

  2. Sweetie, I'm so sorry. Grandmothers are so precious and this is a sad loss indeed. R xxx


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