Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Have I done any sewing...

ahh, no I am pretty lame huh?

Lately I have been all about changing my image to reflect me. Ya know, the real me!
I have been reading posts to help get a sense of my self and style -false self image - Already Pretty,  middle age - Middle Ageless, wardrobe therapy -  The Sky is Bigger There , choosing your colors Inside Out Style,  formula for easy dressing Of a Certian Age and define your personnal style Dummies.com (I know kinda silly, but not to bad of a short read). There are books and books and books on these subjects, but I knew my blogger friends would have wonderful posts to help me out. If you dig a little on the blogs you will find even more wonderful advice. I am a little late but I am getting started on my wardrobe therapy Questionnaire and Research tonight. Got any good reading on creating personnal style?

A fun little quiz 'What Style of Clothes Are You?'
I am....

find your inner clothing style @ quizmeme.com


  1. Oooh, I am Sunny Beachwear. Thanks so much for the fun... My all time fave book about finding and designing yourself is Style Statement. It's just the most amazing way to find out the real you...not just in clothes, but in spirit, personality, etc. as well.

  2. Rosina - somehow I knew you would be Sunny Beachwear!! I am going to have to get that books - thanks!!


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