Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Biggest Problem with My Wardrobe/Style Redo...

Is me. Yep me!

I think I know what to do fashion wise and I try and stock my closet with the 'right' things, but I always fall back on the items that do nothing for my body, say the wrong things about me and in no way help with my self esteem.

Ok, I went two weeks ago and purchased a couple cute dresses, a printed tee and short sleeved cardigan just to spice up my wardrobe. They fit are comfortable and look great - but I have not worn any of them not a one! I got up this morning and grabbed the same pair of way to short and baggy jeans that I wear at least twice a week, the faded company polo (which is for the casual office days not mandatory) and my sadly falling apart white keds. This outfit is pitiful, it does not convey the message of who I am, it makes me feel sloppy, almost invisible. So why do I keep pulling these out and wearing them?

This is a question that I need to dig deeper into my psyche to find. What are the reasons why I would want to dissapear or why I don't want people to know who I really am...

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  1. Oh, oh, you should definitely invest in the book Style Statement. It "digs deep into the psyche" not just in terms of what you wear, but what your style is in other areas, like your home, where you spend holidays, etc. At the end, you identify two words that define you and you then ask yourself if something you are about to buy fits those two words. It is truly a worthwhile read. Here's a post about it on my blog. There's lots of detail there... http://www.middle-ageless.com/2009/06/finding-your-style-statement.html


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