Thursday, September 25, 2008

What to do about the hair

This weekend I need to get the final test of a tee done and start on drafting a cardigan. I have some lovely fabrics coming (I love ordering fabrics online, it's like Christmas when the box arrives in the mail). In the meantime the design board is getting crowded with fall looks. I love the change of the season but I never get started early enough. Living in Florida doesn't help either with only a few cold months out of the year.

I am in need of a hairstyle or haircut, so I am looking for a style that my naturally wavy-mind-of-it's-own hair can handle. Something that is easy to manage and looks nice while growing out my just above shoulder length hair. HELP!!

The first picture is one that I know would be so easy. Styling instructions would be go to bed, sleep and wake in morning, do not brush your ready to go! Second picture I love this style, but I would have to have my scalp and hair removed and get transplants for strait hair. Third picture, whats with the cutesy look on her face?? Love it BUT on me it might just look like a soccer mom and I would need to purchase some Mom Jeans. (photos are from )

I will continue the quest.................... In the mean time it's gonna be a busy day, work and then off to the school for a open house and PTA meeting.

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