Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Does a Chameleon Have in Common with a Tee Shirt ?

Like the amazing color changing chameleon a TNT (tried and true) basic tee shirt pattern can be changed to fit any fashion situation from comfort to dressy.

A basic crew neck style shirt can be altered into so much more than the boring old tee. As long as the fit is good and your fabric choice is appropriate, so many alterations can be made to the pattern to create a totally new design. So you can become the fashion designer! (tee from Coldwater Creek)

A cool cardigan out of a fantastic print by altering the center front to wear over a tank or shell. (example from J.Jill)

To make a basic twin-set, extra width can be added to the sleeve of cardigan draft to fit over a short sleeved version of the same basic pattern. (set from J.Jill)

After sewing up the pattern, embellishments can be added as embroidery to create a hip look. (at Johnny Was)

Or a very classy and elegant top like this one by Louis Dell'Olio at QVC using rhinestones.

For a fun look, slash the pattern and spread to create gathers in an area of the top. (here a cute top by Three Dots)

These are really just a few basic changes. Add a collar, change the neckline, add puffy sleeves or go wild and add all kinds of changes. This is one of the fun areas of sewing, once you've got the good fitting basic tee have fun being the designer.

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