Sunday, October 12, 2008


Halloween has to be my families most favorite of all holidays. For some reason it makes grown-ups want to dress up and try to scare each other. I am kinda partial to Christmas, but 'hey' Halloween is lots of fun!!

So all normal sewing is put on hold so that costumes and gifts can be made. First up I made trick or treat bags for two sweet little boys whom happen to be the son of my co-worker and the grandson of my boss.

The embroidery pattern is from Embroidery Library. All the fabrics are from Joann's, they are cotton quilting fabrics. I used fusible fleece to make the bags soft but still light weight.

Then on the list of 'HAVE TO DO ASAP" is

Butterick 4050. In half black and half white linen like fabric. I have it all cut out and let me tell you it is a small feat to accomplish in itself.

On Saturday I had the whole living room floor covered with fabric and pattern pieces. I am working on view 'B' which takes 10.5 yards of fabric. The pattern is good for this as there is a seam at the center back. We purchased 5 black and 5 white. The white fabric was the last on the bolt and was not a continuous 5 yard cut. Someone had cut it, so we purchased the white in 4 yards and then the last 1.5 at a discount. Lucky we had coupons for Joann's because this could have been a very pricey costume.
Its a good thing that Halloween only comes once a year.

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