Monday, September 22, 2008

Outfit Obsessions

There is a slight delay in the fitted tee-shirt, I have become obsessed with this skirt by Antonio Melani. This weekend while walking in the mall I spotted it hanging in Dillards. Beautiful skirt with satin details and lovely silver threads that create the pattern in the skirt body (you really have to see this skirt in person to admire the subtle details). I ran strait to Jo-Ann's for fabrics, picking up some polyester suiting in a gray tweed and black, perfect to try out the color block details on. Although I did not want to invoke the dressiness of the silver threads, I do want to create the feeling that I get from his design. So on the design wall she goes!

This evening I was reading What I wore Today and found a look I would love to copy (you HAVE to check out her blog!!), the vest Kasmira is wearing is from Forever 21. So cute unbuttoned and over a splash of color - 'You Go Girl'. KASMIRA SO OWNS THIS LOOK!!!
Add something else to the design board. Now my only worries are, can someone my size and my age pull off this look?? A 40 something with the middle-age fluff, or will I look like a waitress -- heck at least I can give it a try...

So as they say this is 'def-on-radar' for me this fall.

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