Monday, February 4, 2013

What does Carl Sagan have to do with quilting?

Years ago I loved the PBS mini series "Cosmos' and it's host Carl Sagan, watching Carl walk though space and environments just thrilled me. I was captivated by his voice and  inspired by his knowledge. It's that geeky-ness in me that is still to this day in awe over the universe and all it's beauty! (and I hate to admit it but I even had a tiny crush on Carl - knowledge is sexy ya' know!)

So still I haven't explained how Carl and a quilt could possibly be related - but it's this love of the universe and our world's beauty that inspired me to create this quilt. You may remember this post Something at least something at the beginning stages of the design. All the EPP hexagons are hand appliqued and the quilting is free-motion on my home machine that mimics the movement of the spirals.

I did finish it for the Kona Solids Challenge, and it has hung in our dining room as the 'Un-Named' quilt for almost a year now. I have decided to enter it in the 2013 Emerald Coast Quilt Show and Retreat, this will be a first for me. I am somewhat of an introvert, and this is a little bit outside my comfort zone. But with the help of our quilt guild ECMQG I have been slowly learning to handle people viewing and critique my quilts.

I ran in to a friend and fellow guild member at a local quilt shop and she encouraged me to enter it in the show, otherwise I would have never dreamed of doing this. We talked of how it's good to see different styles of quilting art and how the design process is so individual. Then we started discussing the labels or definitions that so many feel the need to place on quilting styles, as in 'Modern', 'Traditional' and so forth. We both agreed that labels can be limiting, and that the best way to describe our works are ART! - but I digress... more about labels and pigeon holes another day. 

I have named this quilt 'Cosmos' even though I want to call it Carl ;)  - I wouldn't say its my best work, but it is my most favorite quilt because it is 'me' and inspired by my love of science.

So I guess in a way you could say this is 'Cosmos' - My personal voyage, and it's only just begun!!

If you want to learn some amazing things or just watch a few episodes you've seen before
Cosmos: A Personal Voyage or IMDb info on Cosmos.

"The cosmos is also within us, we're made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos, to know itself. " - Carl Sagan


  1. Yay! and Yay! I am so happy you named this beauty, so that's the first 'yay!'. The second 'Yay!' is for taking the plunge and entering this in the quilt show. Awesome! Now to finish something so I, too, have something entered. Small steps....But in a BIG way.

  2. Thanks!! I am nervous but excited too!

  3. This is just beautiful - what a fresh look at hexies! :)

  4. Great quilt, and I could not agree with you more about Carl!


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