Friday, February 15, 2013

I am in morning or is that mourning...

So I am weird, that's well known!  I am in that state of mourning - ' a period of time during which signs of grief are shown'. You know wearing black, depressed, dark under eye circles, and want to sleep all day - oh wait that's all the time...

I guess I am the only sad lonely person on this earth that has nothing better to do than watch a creepy, futuristic, weird, fantasy, what the heck TV show........... Fringe

I've put off and waited, cause I just wasn't ready. Always saying 'maybe tonight I'll watch it.'. No couldn't handle it, but now it's just been far to long, I have to face up to it. OK, you at least gotta say Joshua Jackson is not so hard on the eyes. And John Noble soooooo reminds me of a modern Vincent Price!

I have held on to the last two episodes of Fringe until tonight and I am soulful watching them now, oh my :(

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