Monday, February 11, 2013

Public Speaking is not like riding a bike

I've given lectures and taught classes on beginning quilting many years ago and even in my early 20's I did demos for the local craft stores on the weekends introducing customers to the wonderful world of crafting and painting. I haven't had the pleasure of teaching in - uhmm let's just say a few years - BUT it's not anything like riding a bike...

I was asked to do a demo/lecture/make-and-take for our local quilt guild (ECMGQ) Saturday and I did alright the first half  which was the lecture/samples part although I did mix up the order in which I had originality practiced, I do believe everyone was interested and stayed awake even if they all where staring at me wondering if the trembling was a start of a seizure.

Then when it can time to do sewing demonstration I was all thumbs! I even used the rotary cutter incorrectly - very lucky I didn't cut my thumb off!! Twice I placed fabric in the wrong place and played it off as 'Do you see what I did wrong here?" I just couldn't get it together.

After the sewing demo part everyone went to their machines and started creating blocks. This is when I think I shined - can I say that after what I just told you?!? I love the one-on-one approach to teaching, this is where I feel the most confident! I really enjoy seeing the smiles when the student gets it.

I really need to work on my confidence and demonstration skills before doing this again, but in the end I did have a lot of fun and made so many new friends!!!

As you can see here we all had a 'LOVELY' time - pardon the pun :)

the 'LOVe' pattern can be found here by Kelby Sews


  1. I think your talk and demonstration were fabulous! Thank you SO much for sharing your skills and talent with us.

  2. Remember, we are our own worst critics. You were knowledgeable, prepared, and smooth up there. You did absolutely fine. Thank you for a terrific lesson!!


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