Sunday, February 24, 2013

Out of white fabric

Back to working on the guild challenge (madrona road) this weekend.

I have it pieced to this point, but have ran out of Kona white fabric and I sooooo want to add borders to this mini quilt I am at a stopping point.

I used Silly BooDilly's tutorial but changed the block dimensions and added a smaller off center star in the negative space. I think I want to name this mini quilt 'Star Light, Star Bright' as the larger star seems to shine brighter than the little one. Until I can get to the LQS - which will more than likely but Tuesday as my work scheduled tomorrow is crammed full of excitement (not) - I will have to set this aside.

This just might give me the time I need to finish the LOVe pillow I started in the demo at the last guild meeting. 


  1. Improv? I haven't checked out your link yet. This is fabulous!! Great name too.

    1. I guess you could say it's improv with a plan :)

  2. Love this block, I need to have a go at making one, I plan on making a star quilt with lots of different star blocks.

  3. I love your wonky stars! And your quilt name sounds perfect!

  4. Love it! it's fresh. It's clean. Nice job and thanks for sharing.


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