Thursday, August 26, 2010

When one blog leads you to another and then another....

While catching up on blogs that I follow I was reading Inside Out Style by Imogen were she had posted 'Weekend Reading: Trends, Stress and Personal Style'  with links to blogs that I also read but somehow had missed the blog post on Sal's blog Aready Pretty. I had missed reading the post 'Wardrobe Cycling', which by the way was awesome! After reading the post I got curious about the Out Fit List that Sal keeps. She explained how she keeps a simple list of outfits that help her stay on top of her wardrobe making her time in the mornings much more managable.

Well, this got me to thinking, should I try to make a list of the items in my closet. A scary and daunting task I am sure, but as I investigated deeper I found more and more on the subject of wardrobe inventory. So upon the idea of creating a list I wondered if there were any spreadsheets or helpful files in cyberspace. I happened upon this Wardrobe Inventory PDF from Virtuous Weddings (not to sure what a wardrobe plan has to do with planning a wedding, but then again it's a good inventory list to use for one's closet). There is a PDF on Fengshui for your closet with a list you fill in, the Buget Fashionisa has a wardrobe check list, and 4-H wardrobe planning PDF. And then I found phone apps - like this iPhone app called the Pocket Closet and the Android app for smart phones called MyCloset. I never would have thought that something like that was out there, but it is, how cool!!

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