Thursday, August 19, 2010

It keeps staring at me....

Yea I know what's up?? Well, the watermelon quilt is sitting there staring at me like an evil little child taunting me knowing I am at a loss as to how I should quilt it. I am at a loss, a total loss! I could just quilt it like they did in the pattern, that would be ok. But I just don't know, what would make the watermelon slices stand out?

Have you ever thought you had it going great and then at the last minute you feel as you haven't got a clue??


  1. Hi Kira :)

    The quilt is amazing I am so sure you will find inspiration just around the corner...unexpectedly. What a gift of sewing,quilting,(encouragement)Art!
    As the scarecrow said..."And my head I'd be scratchin'
    While my thoughts were busy hatchin'..." Wish I could help you've been so helpful to me . I'll just be your personal cheering team and friend instead.
    Hugs from the heart my friend. Sew on and Sew Forth ;)

  2. Yes...that last sentence summarizes my life ;) I just know something amazing will emerge from the wondering. I've never quilted before and I always admire those who do.


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