Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Tee-Shirt Dress has Evolved

Remember in the 80's when you could take a plain tee and then add gathered cotton print to the bottom to create a dress...
They were cute, but have gone by the wayside like Mom jeans. Maybe you might make one for a little one in your life, but these dresses are so not in fashion for adults of modern day. The style was way too 'happy-hands-at-home' for most.

Until Leanne came along and made up some quite modern and fashionable T-shirt Dresses. It's almost like the crafty-cutesy Tdress was a brightly colored caterpillar, and for many years the caterpillar is changing into a chrysalis away from fashion and the well dressed, and now the beautiful butterfly spreads it's wings to join all the lovely dresses we can wear.

Visit Leanne at ElleApparel

Sexy, chic and feminine is what I think of when I see this beautiful Coral Dress. She has beautiful, age appropriate, in-fashion tutorials for T-dresses that do not look like 'happy-hands-at-home'! 

I am definitely putting this one on the


  1. Oh I loooooooove this dress!
    After you've a chance to make it will you be doing a tutorial?

  2. Thanks for the shout out! You must let me know when you make yours!

  3. Elise, Leanne has lots of lovely tutorials on her site. I plan on making one as soon as I get finished with the Watermelon Shoefly quilt.

    Leanna, your work is amazing!!!


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