Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hire a Fashion Stylist?

I wish I could, seeing as I don't have the money its not gonna happen. I have been trying to create a wardrobe by researching and learning what are good choices for my figure and age. While running an errand today I stopped in B Dalton and noticed the book 'The One Hundred- A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Should Own' by Nina Garcia. Being one of the millions of Fashion Runway fans I was compelled to pick it up. It looks to be a good read and the fashion advice is something I have been needing.

Worked on the Robe some last night. I have the back and fronts sewn together and one sleeve in. Its time consuming having to change thread colors, from black to white and back again but it looks very good so far. I am now seeing the concept/vision my son had for making it this way. Last night my son and I got started on his mask. For the past three years we have always made a mask for Halloween. Using Rigid Wrap, Evan covers his face with Vaseline and then I set to work covering his face with Rigid Wrap. After a little drying time we remove the mask and let it dry. Then in a few days Evan will paint and decorate it to go with his costume. I will post some pictures soon to show what craziness we have been up to.

I still have not decided what Halloween costume I will wear this year. I am not one to go for the sweet cute costumes. One year I dressed up as a hunter and no-one knew who I was for most the night. Anther time I was Martha Stewart in prison, with the orange jump suit, pearls and actual prison number.

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