Friday, December 7, 2007

Call it my Red/orange phase

I call this my red-orange phase, because I crave the color orange and mostly red-orange. I use to hate orange, could not stand it- but all that has changed.

I can't seem to get enough, I even colored my hair auburn, to the surprise of my family. But then again - if you know me I love playing with color and that even goes as far as my hair. (odd pic but it's hard to take a picture of the back of your head)

I saw a dress at a local thrift shop and fell in LOVE with the colors!! It was a plaid in red-orange, orange, deep green and fuchsia. What a combo, just loved it, but it did not fit. Soooo.....

I used the plaid design and colors to inspire me to dye two pieces of cotton, in hopes of making a Fab'O handbag. I know it doesn't look like much now but just you wait.


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  2. why are they cautious, these people out there.
    surely they're not afraid of red hair?
    auburn, ginger, strawberry blonde,
    of them all i'm particularly fond.

    boring blonde? or boring brown?
    give me a nice glowing crown!!!!!!!
    something with interest upon the head,
    i love red....................enough said.


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