Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sneak Peak: Drafting and Fabrics

We are back from camping and had a wonderful time at Fred Gannon - Rocky Bayou State Park. It's very beautiful and the bay is a great area for boating and outdoor activities.

It did rain a little bit but most of the time it was just plain hot!

Tessa and Ripley looking cute after a long walk on the trails.

Dachshunds are not known for their love of the water. We knew Tessa liked swimming and Ripley not so much. However while on a walk near the edge of the lake Friday Ripley walked right into the water and started swimming away. I had to pull her back by her leash - it was so funny!!!

Now back at work with the 'Not So Modern Maples' is still waiting to be bound, even though I rushed out to find the binding fabric. I plan (wishful thinking) on getting on that this weekend during some down time at home.

Even with work being so busy this week I did manage to hit the local quilt shop on my lunch hour today for some cute fabrics for the patterns I am drafting.

I could not resist the fox and dinosaur prints - which I plan on making mini art binders with and I finished the pattern draft. The dots are going to drawstring bags in the shape of fish all this for the ECMQG fundraiser this fall.

The draft of the fish bag is almost done, working on the measurements for all the pieces now. I am thinking bright fabrics and wooden beads on the drawstrings. Happy colorful fun fishy bags for children  :)

Hope your week is colorful and fun!!!


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