Friday, August 2, 2013

Sneak Peak: Binding Troubles

I have the Modern Maples quilt complete up to the point of binding, when again I have found myself out of the fabric I was going use for the binding. (I am notorious for this!!)

I used Kona 'Butter' for the background and was to use 'Eggplant', but at the last minute changed my mind. 'Eggplant' is a beautiful color and I do love it, but for this quilt - which has such busy dare I say -visually distracting prints- I felt the binding needed to disappear or not be a distraction. Something that could blend into the background and almost melt - like 'Butter' (sorry bad pun).

My dear mother-in-law searched high and low at a few stores for me on a trip recently for more Kona 'Butter', but everywhere she went they were out (is this going to be a popular color??).

So today on my lunch hour from work I visited the quilt shop not too far from the office and the lovely ladies helped me - don't you just love a shop that takes time to help you and listens to what you want instead of forcing something on you!! Well, we found the perfect fabric! It's hard to see in this photo but the fabric is 'Balboa Blenders' by Hoffman in the latte colorway. It is that type of fabric that just whispers, which is what this quilt needed.

I am also working on a block for the block lottery for the local quilt guild (ECMQG). I am using the pattern by Lynne at Lilly's Quilts called 'ET Phone Home'. I've made this block before for [3x6] bee on flickr. Our meeting is next Saturday, so I hope to get this finished next week along with binding the Modern Maples quilt.

Rainy Day Threads post on 'Palette Builder' is great! Created by Play Crafts, you have got to check it out!!!!
It takes your picture and references Kona colors - how amazing is that!  I took a picture I posted on instagram and created a color palette for a quilt in just minutes. Lots of fun to play around with.

The hubby and I are going camping with the 3 pups this weekend. I am in the midst of wrapping up things at work and then will be headed out for a relaxing quiet weekend. I doubt I will get any sewing done, but will take along some english-paper-piecing just in case it rains. Hopefully the rain will hold out and we will be out on our friends boat to enjoy some fun in the sun.

I hope your weekend is relaxing and fun too!!!


  1. I think that color is going to be perfect for the binding. Looking forward to seeing the finish!


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