Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Tomato Harvest

This year with all the rain we have an abundance of heirloom tomatoes in our little garden. We planted pickling cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapenos, and two types of heirloom tomatoes. Our bell peppers are not doing so well, but the tomato plants have taken over and are growing furiously. 

Cream of Tomato Soup
Last year I made tomato sauce which we have used all but one quart and I know we are going to have enough tomatoes to produce the same amount as last year and plenty of salsa and so much more. I hunted for other ways to use our abundance of tomatoes and found Susy's Home Canned Tomato Soup recipe at Chiot's Run. I do believe I have found the most heavenly tomato soup recipe!!! Silky, creamy, taste of sunshine and all the fresh tomato goodness with no added chemicals and no metallic taste, just delicious heavenly creamy tomatoes!

Canned Tomato Soup
I canned in half pints and pint sizes as there are only the two of us at the house now and you mix 1-to-1 with milk or chicken stock when using. The half pint size is just right for the two of us to have with grilled cheese sandwiches and the pint size is good for those times we just want a little more.

My not so Modern Maples quilt top

The Modern Maples quilt is pieced together and on the frame. I still don't know if I like the busy loud floral prints but at this point I am committed to finish it.

Victor, isn't he so handsome!
This past weekend was somewhat productive, and here again is Monday and back to work I go.
I hope you had a productive weekend too! Here's to a productive week, even if it's sitting behind a desk in the 9 to 5 world!!


  1. So jealous that you're already harvesting! We've had a few cherry tomatoes but otherwise we're waiting on *lots* of heirlooms to ripen ;)

    I think your wild+bright modern maple is going to be delightful!

    1. I didn't expect them so early either but it has been a hot and wet spring here. Thank you!!

  2. My cherry tomatoes are rocking this season, but other than that only my Brussels sprouts look promising. I think your maple quilt is going to look awesome!

    1. Yummm, brussels sprouts I love them but sadly have never tried to grow them. I guess I must next year :) Thanks for stopping by!


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