Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Always a Work in Progress

As you see I have been playing around with the blog colors and layout. I still haven't got it right just yet and I do need to create a new banner photo also. So much on the blog 'to do' list is still not checked off.

The last guild meeting was great, not only did I learn something new about personal growth but I finally grasp the whole modern quilt movement thanks to Kelly (from Sew Kelly Sews). She did a wonderful presentation explaining the concepts and ideas behind the modern quilt aesthetics. From the roots - Gees Bend quilts to what makes fabric have the modern feel.

A Light Bulb Moment

When she got to this part a light bulb went off! Now if I can just get the whole Modern vs Traditional fabric thing figured out.

 My beloved Rowena has bit the dust and my husband got me a present yesterday...

It has the whole retro vibe going on, and my husband knew I would think it was cute as a button. Yea, it's a cheap Black and Decker 'Classic' iron but it so cute. If it gets hot and stays hot while piecing that's all I need. All the fancy-schmancy stuff my Rowena had I don't think I'll miss (I never iron clothes anymore now that the hubby is retired).

I am working on a new design for a quilt along, which will be very relaxed but fun and educational. If I get everything ironed out  (shameless pun, sorry)  will be able to share around the first of August.

Happy sewing!!


  1. Ha! That's an interesting message. My initial reaction is that yes, for the most part traditional fabrics probably won't have a modern feel to them. But that's traditional fabrics organized traditionally. I'd go out on a limb and say surely those same fabrics could be combined to have a more modern feel (as in, by gradient? monochromatically? all low volume?)

    I'm using feed sacks (traditional fabric) for something right now and it might have a crisp vintage feel when all is said and done but I wouldn't necessarily rule it out as being modern (!) Then again, I'm always wary of absolutes ;)

    1. I'd have to agree with you, there are no hard and fast rules. It's all up for interpretation in the end. I just think the general guild lines are what helped me understand. Modern quilting is all about breaking the rules! (or at least I think so :)

  2. So glad someone else has the same thoughts about traditional fabrics and modern quilts because you can make a modern quilt with traditional fabric. Remember, the two quilts Marcy showed us in March? Both made with older, duller, fabric, but reinterpreted in modern designs. Or Victoria Findlay Wolfe and all of the folks that create over at 15 Minutes of Play. Interpretation is what keeps the modern quilting movement so exciting!

    Those turtles too cute! Were those your potholders?


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