Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Versatile Denim Skirt Part 2

I searched for a jean style skirt pattern in my pattern stash and found a skirt pattern from Burda WOF 3/2002.

From the cover you can see my issue is in Dutch, I purchased this while living in the Netherlands. Dutch is a hard language to learn, at least for me. I learned just enough to get by, but they also speak English there to so that helped a lot. This pattern is the sewing course for this issue and it shows step by step line drawings of how to assemble the skirt - a plus!

Pattern #108 is a cute jeans style skirt with back patch pockets, front fly zipper and scoop front pockets. They added a kick pleat to the front.

From the line drawing you can see the back yoke, waist band and belt carriers. I moved the kick pleat to back for my skirt but pretty much kept the design the same.

So far I have the back yoke sewed on and topstitched, two back pieces together also topstitched and the pockets on.

I have the front fly zipper in and the front pockets complete. Next I have to sew the front to the back and add the waist band and hem it.

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