Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ischia Necklace

In the summer of 2001 we vacationed in the Naples area, having the pleasure of living in Northern Italy at the time it was affordable for us to drive to the region of Campania. We visited Naples, Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, and Paestum. We had wanted to visit the Isle of Capri, and tour the famous Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), but were told the sea was angry and there was no way we could go. So we decided to tour the island Ischia off the north coast of Naples, the biggest of the three islands in the gulf of Naples.

I was a fun time!! While walking through the piazza we were approached by a man selling coral necklaces. It was a dainty strand of what looked like seed beads.  We of course said "no, thank you", but he continued telling us how it was real and the best. He even bit the beads and broke one off, saying "real, real". All I could think of was how odd of a way to ruin your teeth. He kept at us as most street vendors do, but then being in the good mood we were my dear husband bought the neacklace for me. Now mind you we knew it could not have been real, but felt it was a fun souvenir. I still have that necklace and when I wear it I always remember the beautiful island of Ischia.

Just this week I was reminiscing about the beautiful island, and all the fun we had. When I came across a question someone posted at Fabsugar on the coral choker necklace Giada de Laurentiss was wearing in a photo.

'La Bella Figura'

Italian women have a elegant style about them and take pride in the way they are dressed. Giada is definitely a very stylish Italian woman! I got to thinking that I could use a coral choker in my wardrobe arsenal and off to AC Moore I went.

I purchased seed beads, faux coral nuggets, random faux coral shaped beads, gold bead caps, small gold beads, gold lobster claw clasp, jump rings, .038mm nylon coated beading wire, #1 crimp beads, brass 20 gauge wire, and crimping pliers (you know, just like the guys - we gotta get the right tools for the right job!). 

I made 5 stands of beads, two strands of just seed beads, one of seed beads and gold beads, one of seed beads and nuggets, and one of seed beads and the random shaped beads. Then loosely braided them before adding the bead caps. So what ya think?? Ya want a toot??

Ciao bella!

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  1. I think it is gorgeous. It would be a beautiful necklace for the summer time. Wear it and remember Italy!!


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