Monday, August 31, 2009

The Versatile Denim Skirt

The Versatile Denim Skirt

Most women admit jeans are their favorite items of clothing! So, when it comes to skirts - a denim fabric can be quite helpful and versatile. The denim skirt is one of those pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Its versatility knows no bounds, especially if you avoid trendy colors, and stick with a classic, pencil-style skirt. A dark washed denim skirt can be paired with heels, a button down, a nice jacket and scarf for a business casual look. The same skirt can then be worn with a silk blouse and kitten heels to dinner or other semi-casual events. For a laid back weekend look pair it with a t-shirt and flat gladiator sandals, or a cute polo and ballet flats. Just remember, unless you’re going for the grunge look denim should never be torn or frayed.

Hotpattern's Metropolitan Superfly Skirt is a modern denim/jean skirt pattern. Slight A-line with narrow darts in the front and back and a front fly. Optional belt carriers. With this pattern you could play with embroidery on the back pockets.

McCall's timeless classic pencil skirt is a great beginner pattern, with darts and a back zipper. So many lengths to choose you can't go wrong and once you get this one tailored to fit you will sew it over and over again.

Butterick's pencil skirt has great seam lines on view 'A' and view 'C' has cute ruffles on each side. View 'A' is good pattern to show off top stitching and vertical lines are always very slimming!! For view 'C' use a light weight denim the ruffles will not hang well in a heavy fabric. The ruffles are just enough flirtyness, keep the top stitching thread in same shade as the fabric.

Another skirt where top stitching makes all the difference. The back vent on this McCall's skirt has unusual detailing - worthy of a second glance.

Now that high waisted skirts are in style, this Vogue with its button details is in the fall fashion forecast. But stay away from views 'A' and 'C' as the gathered sides might not be flattering in a denim fabric with the exception - if you have very narrow hips then try it in a light weight denim.

Stay with good quality denim, in a deep rich color - no faded pale blue or pastels. Use strong colors in top stitching thread either in traditional jeans top stitching deep gold, crisp white, or same shade to blend in. Pay attention to how the fabric drapes and the style of skirt you want to sew. Keep it simple don't over do it, pick one detail to stand out and you will end up with a skirt that will be worn again and again.


  1. MMMMMmmmm. I'm thinking I might have to make one with the hot patterns pattern. I love denim skirts....where can I get some good denim??

  2. I have gotten some nice denim from and, the skirt I am working on right now fabric came from


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