Sunday, August 16, 2009

What to Do With That Old Feather Pillow

If you missed the start - In my adventures with the old feather pillow see the beginning 'what is pillow ticking', when I did not know where to start. Well, I found a way to reuse to help my family and save some space in the worldwide garbage pile.....

I made a dog pillow, and I must say my baby Julies (she is my sweetie from Italy - I am silly about my dogs) she really liked it after it was done!! I just had to give her some special attention, after she is being so patient with our new baby Ripley.
Here's how we started:
I found home decor fabrics in cheery lime green, orange and peach and that pretty yellow and white pillow ticking, a zipper bright orange and thread.

Created the pillow itself by sewing a pillow form out of pillow ticking. Then stuffed it with the feather pillow filling and a little bit of polyester stuffing I had from a previous project.

I made piping out of a light green, put the zipper on the long side and sewed up a cute pillow my fur baby loves (and the other fur babies).


  1. That pillow would be perfect if you had finished off the piping properly. Lovely choice of fabrics!

  2. in the last picture that is where the piping ends, yes I could have done the piping the hard way but its a cute pillow for my dog, and to her it doesn't matter, she thinks it's perfect.


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