Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just call me a Lurker

Yes - I am some what of a lurker these days. I am out here in the land of the living but haven't blogged much lately. I could not get to my computer. Why you ask? Ahhh the saga continues - the remodeling of the master suite took longer than expected. Kind of like those programs on HGTV that show how when doing a remodel and it takes longer and cost more than the person expects. Well at least I can say we are nearing the end, and did not find any bad things we had to fix. All of the walk in closet was placed into the sewing room and in front of the computer so that we could paint and lay tile . The tile is down and it is sooooo lovely!! The wood floors are down and gorgeous!! BUT the house is still in shambles and the closet is yet to be put back to use.

I am so sad, my camera broke. I loved my Fuji 3800, it wasn't anything special but I knew how to use it and it took great pictures until the lens locked. So now I have to use my husbands little camera, and it feels a toy to me as small as it is. Maybe if I whine to my hubby he will get me a new camera for my birthday.

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