Monday, February 17, 2014

Design Wall At Last!

Design Wall by LaBellaColori Kira Bell

This past weekend my husband and I finally made a design wall for the quilt room. I have been wanting to do this ever since we moved in our home. I did a lot of research and found many different tutorials and examples. It's fun looking at all the other design walls out there, just google 'quilt design wall'. There are simple ones made by just tacking up a felt backed table cloth or felt to you wall to extreme design walls made with MDF and power outlets cut out.

We decided to go with affordable polystyrene foam insulation sheets that we found at Lowe's for just under $10.00 each. They are light weight 8 feet by 4 feet and 1/2 inch thick, one side is white the other silver with manufactures information printed on it. The room is about 11' x 10' and one wall where the long arm quilting machine is was the perfect place to make into a large design wall.

On the wall that is 11 feet wide we could easily fit the 8 foot length of the polystyrene. I wanted more than 4 feet tall so we took one of the sheets of polystyrene we cut length wise down to 2 foot wide. This made the design wall 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Not quite the whole wall but pretty big indeed!

Using spray adhesive we glued quilt batting to the white sides - this is important because the print on the other side would show through the batting and make an ugly design wall! Don't do what I did and leave one of the scanner stickers on under the batting, I promise it will show through the batting!

Once batting is on the main side we flipped it over trimmed the excess batting down to two inches and glued it to the back. We did this for both pieces. We could have duck taped the two together before covering with batting but for easier installation we left the two sheets separate. 

Once the two sheets are covered with batting we placed the 2' strip down first using 3M command strips stuck to the back of the polystyrene and made sure it was level and pressed it onto the wall. Then added the 4' wide sheet also with the 3M command strips.

Design Wall by LaBellaColori
Design Wall by LaBellaColori

And there you have it - one really awesome design wall!


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    1. I messed up my comment. Imagine that! That looks awesome Kira. I bought the board months ago and finally realized after many tries, I have nowhere to hang it. I barely have room to sneeze in my sewing area.

  2. Saving this nugget of info for later this summer when we move to our new house! Thanks so much!

  3. Kira, I've nominated your blog for Leibster Award because you know I love reading your blog. You can find out more about the award here: I can't wait to read your answers, so be sure to let me know when you post!

  4. Hi I asked about the color of your sewing/quilting room, color number and mfg,. Do you find that the color influences your color choice, when picking out fabric for a quilt,.
    I also meant to ask, you about your design wall,. do the 3M hooks hold up,. that is the wall has not fallen down,. and can you pin and when you do, do you any residue from the foam, showing thru or coming out..........Thanks Jen


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