Monday, March 4, 2013

Quilt Show Lately? If you haven't maybe you should!!

Many of our guild members had quilts in the show last weekend at the
I even submitted the quilt 'Cosmos' 

I was asked four things from my experience of having a quilt in a show -
what were my fears, why did I enter, what did I expect and what was the reality of it all in the end.

Since it's so hard for me to translate my emotions into words I did a word game - you know, make a list using one word answers to describe your feelings in each category  Using the topics 'fear', 'why', 'expectations' and 'reality', I came up with these answers answers.

  • opinions- I am scare of others opinions of me, and the quilt only shows one side of who I am
  • judgement- if the quilt is a failure and a horrible example of quilting
  • criticism- what if no one likes it or worse what if they hate the quilt
  • negativity- could my quilt put a negative spin on the modern quilting movement
  • experience- to have the experience of actually having a quilt in a show
  • group- if not for the ECMQG I would have never had the confidence to show a quilt
  • share- spread the word about modern quilting and the wonderful community of quilters
  • voice- to have a voice or show what I can do 
  • represent- again to show how wonderful the world of modern quilting is by being an example
  • feedback- to get feedback from the judges 
  • skills- learn what skills I need to work on and what skills I have accomplished
  • learn- from this and be a better quilter and share with others what I have learned
  • interest- to build interest in ECMQG and modern quilting
  • good- none of the fears I had became fact, I was silly to even think them!
  • pride- in oneself and as a quilter, and with our quilting community
  • community- our diverse quilting community is open and welcoming, not at all judgmental
  • interest- we received lots of interest in the guild and modern quilting
  • accomplishment- a general sense of accomplishment that I plowed through my fears and came out in the end just a little be better! 

So if you've been afraid to take the plunge and enter a quilt in a show, I say DO IT!
You won't be disappointed!!

Cindy's Wonky Stars

Melanie's Awesome Quilt

There were even more great quilts from our guild - but my computer is not cooperating with me today. Our wonderful members- Cindy, Marcy, Wendi, Kelly, Melanie, Leslie and all the members that made a block for the Modern BOM Charity quilt (who didn't even realize they had their works in the show) you did a wonderful job!!!!!
For more pictures and to see all the quilts in the show click here

a wonderful experience
Can you tell from this picture that all the fear was gone and nothing but sheer delight was to be had Saturday!



  1. You make me happy! I am SO glad this experience was so more than you expected, and I can tell it was a HUGE confidence booster as well. Again, so many people were drawn to your quilt, because of your use of color (naturally), your design, the organic quilting, and the blend of traditional and modern. Well done.


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