Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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I am sure you have seen the blog Fashion Under $100, I am a stalker of Dana's!! I can spen hours looking at the archives, drooling over styles of the stars. And with her tips I can afford to look as good too!!

Right now I am obsessed with Dec 2008 Kim Kardashian's look

Although the look is from 2008, it is still so classy for today! Great weekend look or with a tweak here and there I can pull this off on a casual Friday at work.
I do think I will make a few changes here and there, like darker jeans maybe med/dark wash.

I ordered the new pattern by Hot Patterns - The Dressy Jean. Oh, and I can't wait to get it!!!

I already have this Target Heather Gray Tank.

And on it's way from JCPenney's is The Worthington V-Neck Cardigan in black. Love the boyfriend cardy look with pockets. Or the Hot Patterns Riviera Cardi would be cute! hmmmmm, gonna have to think about getting that pattern.

Sitting in my closet are a pair of Nine West Oxfords, I bought these last year at the outlet store during Chrismas.

And the scarf is lovely, but I want to make a serger scarf using decorative threads in white, black and grays. They are so fun and easy to do! I made a sample in browns and gold, but forgot to take pictures before my son's girlfriend saw it and there was no way of keeping it from her - her favorite color is brown.
More on this I promise...

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