Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday Goals - Why I ask?

I was reading up on my blog list and Allie at My Wardrobe Today post about a '40 before 40' list. And this made me think - Would I?
Uhmm, nope! Not this 45 year old - nope no '50 before 50' list for me.

I am not so crazy about making list to fulfill before a certain age. It’s more apt to lead to disappointments when you hit your birthday deadline. I remember all to well my 30th and what an emotional journey it was when I realized that I was no were near to what the person I wanted to be or had envisioned to be. It was horriable!! Crying and a pity party, not at all a pretty sight.

But after the realization that my life is an ever growing and changing experience I made peace with myself. The idea that where I am at this moment and time and all that I DID accomplish to this point is more meaningful than what I didn’t accomplish.

I am not saying that goals are a bad thing, but as long as they are not so out of reach or to concrete, goals should be achievable. Goals are good to have in your horizon to help you move along, but life can seriously change at a moments notice and you don't have much control over how affects you.

Plus all the negativity of placing a certain age within a 'To Do' list can seem depressing. I never want to limit myself, and at any age I want to do, see and achieve what ever makes me happy!! Life is way to short, live it with your heart not by a list of what to do next...

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