Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oasis Zest Dress Copy Pt 1

I found a large floral jersey at JoAnn's, it's not what I wanted as in a border print in woven but it is pretty and will  look just lovely.

Also because it's a knit I can stick with the size 16 and not worry so much about excess fabric. I do however still need to measure the pattern in the hip area to make sure I have the correct amount of ease for a knit. When I made the first dress I had to pinch a wedge from the front yoke just a tad to fit which made it a bit more curvy than it was.
The drawing is in a pink color but I will make the yoke in black to draw the eye up because in this dress I am not going to add a draw string like in my first N6778. The Oasis dress has a deeper neckline and short hem line. I am not to crazy about both together, you know it's always good to show off one or the other but if you show off to much leg and cleavage - well lets just say it's not my style! I am going to sew up the shorter hem line and keep the neckline up a little.

I am going back to the sewing room and get started drafting today. I'll post more as I go.
toodles lovelies!!

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