Thursday, May 27, 2010

What does one wear to a luau?

I have been invited to a luau party this weekend, but the question remains....

Hummmmm, nope not going the coconut bra and grass skirt route.

Now this might be a good idea....

Now if I could just find some fabric and fast!!!!


  1. Kira,

    Oh how fun is that? A Luau! My Aunt lived in Hawaii all her life she had a penthouse in the one with the "glass elevator" hotel,lol. She swam everyday,and passed away at 91 on her birthday. What a wonderful life she had.
    The dress is Perfect ! I wouldn't have known what to choose. Hope you and yours will have a Great time .

  2. Have lots of fun! I love luaus. The dress will look great on you. Don't forget your sunscreen! (Like you would ;))


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