Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm getting back to...

After an emotional ride I am ready to get back to normal!

I finished the blue dot skirt and with or without weightloss it's done and fits me now. I will post pics as soon as there is a pretty day, it's been raining and yucky outside. I bought some beige linen/rayon blend for a pair of cropped pants. It's in the wash now and will be washed and dried again to shrink it before I start cutting. I am thinking of New Look 6354. I like the wide elastic waist, and the fact that they do not look like elastic waist pants I luv! I have made them before but need to grade the pattern up one size.

And maybe Hot Patterns Cowl-neck top. I think they would look good together.

I am also getting back on the wardrobe therapy, even though I am so far behind I am going to get it done because my closet needs it!!


  1. Love this outfit and the different looks from the Pant pattern is great,ditto the waistband ! I haven't worked with Hot Patterns and would like to try them sometime too.


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