Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Been one of those Days.............

Actually it’s been a couple of those weeks to say the least!! I have not stepped into the sewing room once. At the office we are working on a deadline, and that always makes me exhausted at the end of the day. With Halloween coming my family has been creating fun Halloween decorations, although I have yet to join them I do feel bad I haven’t had the time to help. Pattern Review is having a contest for 'The Little Black Dress' and I oh so need to do this one - BUT can't seem to find the time. Hotpatterns and have gotten together and posted a free Cowl Neck Top. The top looks great and easy to do - oh and did you see Hotpatterns new Classix Nouveau Pyramid Bag, lovely!!!! Got to finish drafting my purple pleated purse and I keep wondering when when......

Eveyone feels like this once in a while right???

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  1. Yes! I feel the same way today! Got to fold patterns, make 5 jackets for a wedding, finish quilt for cruise, make baby dress, oh wait...Halloween costumes!

    Crazy times!! Next month will slow down right?


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