Monday, October 26, 2009

Is Everyone Else Getting Ready for Halloween??

Are you or your family having a fun time getting ready of Halloween? My family is, and even though I haven't been able to participate as much they are.

My husband has been working diligently in the garage making mischievous Halloween props. Don't ask me, cause I am way to scared to step into the garage to take a peek. You never know what lurks in there during this time of the year.

(you have to visit this site!!!) Photo from Penwiper

My son has been busy creating realistic armor for his costume. The internet is a wonderful thing, he found Penwiper that has great tutorial for armor made from craft foam. Absolutely amazing!!!!!

I have been asked to make a 'Tabard', never knew what a tabard was untill now. So until I finish this, my purse will have to wait. (but I need so badly to finish it, it is fall now and I NEED MY FALL PURSE ;0)

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