Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Banana Pudding (sugar free)

I did not get to visit my family for mother's day so I did the comfort food cookin' .

Banana Pudding (sugar free, but you will never know!)

Very easy!!!

I used

2 pks- dream whip made per the directions (1 cup milk for 2 packs & vanilla extract, whipped till stiff peaks form), then chilled while mixing the pudding.

2 lg boxes of sugar free vanilla pudding

5 cups of milk, I used 2%

2 cups sour cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 boxes of Sugar Free Vanilla Wafers

5 bananas

Mix the 5 cups of milk, 2 cups of sour cream and 1 tsp vanilla extract with the 2 packs of vanilla pudding mixing on low untill blended well. Fold in half of the Dream whip (pre made as stated above).

Now its time to start layering. Vanilla Wafers, pudding, the bananas, and so on until you have used all of the pudding. Then top the whole thing with the other half of the Dream Whip and crushed vanilla wafers.


PS: I love you & Happy Mother's Day Grandmother, Mom, and Aunt Wanda - we will be coming to visit very soon!

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