Saturday, May 30, 2009

Easily Distracted

I am so easily distracted from one project to another, and usually a new one at that. I have the Burda sundress traced out but got totally distracted by the Burda 7656 capri pattern. Burda's description:
These chic trousers/pants have a shaped waistband and squared pockets. Version A comes in 7/8-length with a broad, buttoned hem. Version B is plain, reaching just below the knee like classic capris. Both versions will be well teamed with sandals or ballerina shoes this summer. Recommended fabric: Gabardine, poplin, flannel, also stretch fabrics.

I like view 'B', I have traced a size 46 and sewn up a test in muslin. It fit a little snug in the waist and the waist is low cut - for me a short waisted and short in the rise gal with a bit of a bum this fits me well, the front pockets are placed great with no gaping, but the back pockets are large and placed to low for my bum - an easy fix, and the length is a little short - also very easy fix. So next is a wearable muslin made with a lightweight denim in my stash.

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